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Good question

why are there school?


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Goldmine idea

Somebody should open up a hip hop store or record label in Lower Allston and call it Beat L.A.


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So true

Ayana:  its hard work trying to be cool

me:  i agree

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Good Advice

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A couple of things

This fine fellow was spotted at the Sherman Cafe.

i put googly eyes on my plants

And this I found walking down Stone Ave.


Good summer.

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Umlaut (ba deep ba doop ba dooo bap)

Jason:  hey
me:  hey!  how are you?
Jason:  doing pretty well, but on a german keyboard and canät adjust
me:  hahahahaha
Jason:  there is no apostrophe
or i canät find it

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A Thought Exercise:

Imagine that somebody wrote a song for you.

Imagine that this song was Angela (theme from Taxi).

Bob James – Angela

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Oh Yoko!

I just like that idea because, you know, we’re all like in this world together and we just have to have some energy flowing between us so that this whole planet will be healthier, you know. I want to wake up this beautiful super-power that each one of us has. You have to sort of, like, find it. And in order to find it, it’s good if we create a situation where we participate in artwork or music-work or something together. – Yoko Ono

From Mother Jones – 15 Minutes With Yoko Ono.

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I made this!

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The approach of looking quickly at the other side of a thing in order to impose your opinion indirectly is called dialectic, that is, haggling over the spirit of french fries while dancing the method around. – Tristan Tzara

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